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Article 01  The Norbert Zongo Prize for Journalism of investigation, is instituted and placed under the responsibility of the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo. 


Article 02  The Norbert Zongo Prize aims

  • to promote a journalism of investigation and research, on subjects related to the political, economic, social and cultural life of the country,
  • and to encourage talent and excellency.


Article 03  The Norbert Zongo Prize rewards professionalism, courage, determination and the respect of deontology 





Article 04 The Prize is opened to all the journalists of Africa.. 


Article 05  The candidates must be regularly employed in a news agency or regularly collaborating with African Medias. Applications are open to works in categories of print media, radio and television.


Article 06  Works of high professional quality are required and must be published in the press of africa between May 3 of the last edition, and May 3 of the next edition.  


Article 07 Applicants must submit :

– In print media : the original and a photocopy of the submitted article,

– Broadcast : two (02) audio cassettes or two (02) CD or DVD of the submitted work ;

– Television : two (02) copies DVD or BLURAY of the submitted work.


Article 08  The works in radio and television must be submitted on professional media formats and respect the 26-minute or 52 minutes.

Article 09  The candidature for the Norbert Zongo Prize is proposed by the candidate himself or by the media where the candidate is employed or collaborate.


Article 10  The copies of the works must be sent to the jury, at the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo, 04 BP 8524 Ouagadougou 04 Burkina Faso

Email :  – Fax : (226) 25 34 37 45 – Phone : 25 34 37 45 and 50 34 41 89, no later than the date indicated for every edition.  


Article 11  Candidates can propose only one work per category (Newspaper, radio and television). Works should be in English or French. Works in any other language should be translated in English or French. 


Article 12 The duplication of a work for submission in several categories is prohibited.
Any duplicated work, which is submit to competition in several categories is invalidated in advance.



Article 13  The candidature package should comprise : 

· a declaration of candidature on a plain paper with a complete indication of the identity of the candidate (name, first names, pseudonym or pen name used) ; 

· a certificate of the media confirming his membership or his collaboration with the media which have published his work

· a C.V of the candidate, bearing his photograph

· a handwritten and signed declaration authorizing the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo to use his name, his voice, his images and the whole of the work in case he is gifted, without any compensation and on all media supports, within the framework of publicity and public relations or information on the Prize. 


Article 14 : A special committee will check the conformity of the candidature package before submitting it to the jury. All non-compliant candidature will be invalidated.



Article 15  An international jury whose composition is determined annually by the CNP-NZ will designate the winners of Norbert Zongo Price. 


Article 16 The members of the jury are professionals of communication, teachers, and activists of the freedom of the press. Any other person possessing such qualities can be designated as a member of the jury. 


Article 17  The members of the jury are selected according to the periodicity of the prize. The members of the outgoing jury can be called back. 


Article 18 :  The organizational and operational practicalities of the jury are subject to internal regulations inspired by the general spirit of this Regulation of the Norbert Zongo Prize.
The rules of the jury says the criteria for assessing the works.


Article 19  The members of the jury are not remunerated. However the operating costs of the jury are financed by the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo. 


Article 20  The deliberations of the jury are undeniable. 




Article 21  The Norbert Zongo Prize for the journalism of investigation is ONE MILLION CFA (1.000 000 F) per category. Each prize is supplied with a trophy and a certificate


Article 22 The first prize for each category, called the “SEBGO” is ONE MILLION CFA (1.000 000 F), plus a certificate and a trophy. 


Article 23  Special mentions and incentive awards may be given by the jury.





Article 24  The practical organization of the prize is carried out by the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo. But it can be supported by houses and press centres or other professional media structures in the sub region, for collecting candidatures. 


Article 25  The steering committee of the Centre National de Presse Norbert Zongo can modify these rules and regulations, but this should be brought to the notice of the public. 


Article 26  The prize will be launched each 3 May, on the occasion of the world freedom of the press day. 


Article 27  The prize delivery will occur as an official ceremony during the International Festival of the freedom of expression and the press, which takes place every two (02) years in Ouagadougou


Ouagadougou, June 30, 2015




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